Installing and Provisioning Endpoints


Endpoints are key components in AMI/AMR systems. Endpoints are used to transmit reads and status information from encoder registers and meters to AquaCUE software. The life cycle of endpoints begins when they are purchased and shipped to the utility. Personnel at Badger Meter enter the serial number of each endpoint into a facility company or distributor’s AquaCUE portfolio when the endpoints are shipped from Badger Meter.

Once inventoried, endpoints are ready to be installed and activated. Activation is considered complete after successful communication with AquaCUE is verified. During installation, technicians record vital details about the endpoint, the encoder and the meter the endpoint is attached to. Those details are given to the facility on installation forms. The details are combined with data from Customer Information Systems (CIS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCATA) and other data sources in a file that complies with the Data Exchange Specification. Importing the data exchange file into AquaCUE completes a process called provisioning. Once provisioned, AquaCUE software uses data collected from the endpoints for usage monitoring and water management purposes to improve customer service, increase operational efficiency and help users understand their water consumption.

Installing Endpoints
The methods for installing and activating Badger Meter endpoints are described in the ORION Water Endpoint Installation Manual (ORI-UM-00025-EN) and the GALAXY Fixed Network Water Endpoint Installation Manual (GYX-UM-00119-EN,). More details can be found at Watch this instructional video to learn how to activate ORION Cellular endpoints.

Endpoint Installation Forms
Endpoint installation forms are used to facilitate the provisioning process. Installation technicians should use the forms to record and verify vital details such as endpoint and meter serial numbers, meter model and size, its manufacturer, read resolution and so on.

Facility managers can use the forms as work orders to provide installers with location addresses and details about the job site. Download the ORION Endpoint Installation Form (ORI-FM-00839-EN-01) here.

To complete the provisioning process, follow the steps outlined here.


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