Continuous Flow vs. Leak Detected Alerts

Q: What is the difference between Continuous Flow and Leak Detected on the AquaCUE At a Glance page Flow Health Module?

A: Leak Detected indicates locations where flow has been detected every hour in a 24-hour period. Continuous Flow indicates locations that the utility has tagged as places where water runs continuously on purpose. For example, manufacturing facilities and cooling towers.

There are two ways to set Continuous Flow tags:

  • By using the Tag button on a Card.
  • By setting the meter’s Continuous_Flow_Expected field in a Data Exchange file to 1 (Yes).

To set a tag using a Card, do the following:

  1. Click the Monitor tab.
  2. Locate the desired account:
    • Enter one of the following in the search field: Account Name, Endpoint S/N,
      Location ID, Location Name, Meter ID, or Service Address into the
      search field
    • Scroll through the endpoints list to find the Card
    • Use the filters on the left side of the screen

3. Click the Tag button on the Card and select Continuous Flow from the drop-down menu.

Tags button

Cont Flow Tag

4. Click the Create New Tag button.

Once a Continuous Flow tag is added to a meter, non-zero hourly flow in a 24-hour period will no longer be reported as a leak. Instead, it is reported as Continuous Flow.


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