Correcting Mis-provisioned Meters

Q: We inadvertently provisioned a single-register meter as a compound meter. How can we correct this?

A: To manually change a single-register meter that was incorrectly provisioned as a compound back to a single-register meter, do the following:

  1. Write down or capture a screenshot of the mis-provisioned meter information:
    • Account ID
    • Location ID, Name or Address
    • Meter ID
    • Endpoint ID
  2. Choose Assets>Update.
  3. Find the meter’s endpoint by searching for its Serial Number or Location Name.



  4. Change the Meter ID to an arbitrary number, for example, “22222,” by double-clicking in the Meter ID box and typing the new number.

    Meter ID:SN change

  5. Click the Un-provision Endpoint button.

    Register 0 unprovision

  6. Click the Service tab.

    Service tab

  7. Lookup the Service by entering the Location ID, Location Name or Address in the drop-down menu.

    Service Lookup copy

  8. Click the Lookup Service button.
  9. If you are certain you selected the correct service record, click the Delete Service button.
  10. In the Delete Service popup dialog box, confirm that you want to proceed and click the Delete Service button to complete the deletion process.
  11. Click the Provision tab.
  12. Find the endpoint by using the drop-down menu and entering its Serial Number.
  13. Click the Re-use Existing radio button, and use the drop-down menu to select the Location ID, Name or Address you wrote down in Step 1.

    Re-use Existing

  14. With the Meter Create New radio button highlighted, enter the Meter ID that you wrote down in Step 1.

    Meter ID

  15. Provide the rest of the Meter details.
  16. Provide the manufacturer details.Note: When using the Registration drop-down menu, it is vital that you select the correct encoder register installed at that location. For a complete list of Badger Meter encoder registers, see

    Select Register Model

  17. Click the Provision Endpoint button.Provision Endpoint

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