Multiple Facilities in One AquaCUE Express Account

Q: Is it possible for a user with multiple properties to see all of their consumption data in AquaCUE Express when different facility management companies provide water service to those properties?

A: Strictly speaking, no. But you can use the following workaround to create multiple AquaCUE Express accounts as long as the each of the facility management companies uses AquaCUE and your email client supports the ability to add labels to an email address. Such labels let you use a single email address to differentiate accounts. For example, Google Gmail lets you add labels using a plus (+) sign after your user name:

Labels can be named anything, but cannot contain spaces. For simplicity, we suggest using the facility company name as the label.

To view multiple water services from a single AquaCUE Express account, follow these steps:

  1. Add a label for each facility to your email address. For example,
  2. Follow the instructions at
    and set up AquaCUE Express access for each account/facility.

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