Data Exchange Template

Click to download a blank Data Exchange spreadsheet.

The Data Exchange template file in the above link contains all of the columns defined by the Data Exchange Specification v9.8.2. When filling it out, remember that each row of data represents a single service configuration and that the data in those rows must conform to the maximum lengths and formats defined in the Data Exchange Specification.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Successive imports overwrite previous imports when data fields overlap.
    • When importing meter histories, the row containing the latest entry for a particular service configuration must come after the row with the earliest entry for that service configuration, otherwise previous meter history will be overwritten. During import validation, such backdated entries trigger warnings.
  • The importer only updates fields containing data changes.
    • Successive imports of the same exact Data Exchange file will be ignored because they contain no changes.
  • Account and Asset IDs act as keys, so they behave differently from other fields.
  • Changing or correcting Account and Asset IDs while preserving service configurations requires a special file called an ID Update file.
  • Currently, facilities must have Data Exchange enabled to use Data Exchange.

When you have completed the spreadsheet file, save it in comma-separated values (CSV) format and follow the instructions to bring the data into AquaCUE.


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